Lessons Taught From Practical Experience By Playing Youth Football

October 23, 2009


Youth Football has been popular for many years. Both of my boys play on a youth football team in a small town in Ohio. The coach for their team is their father. Their grandfather actually coached their dad when he played on the same football as a young boy.

Our youth football team practices 5 nights a week and they have a game every Saturday. When I wonder why I let this sport consume two months of my life during the fall, I then remember why I do it. Playing football taught my boys lessons that they could not learn in the class room or by rough housing at home. These lessons, learned and refinforced every fall are lessons that will last a lifetime.


Hard Work Pays Off

Every night my boys are pushed to work hard and do their very best. Their coaches are clear when they tell the kids that those who work hard will get to play, while those who goof off won’t. The boys learn quickly that the coaches mean business when they stick to their guns. By the end of the season, almost every player has leaned the principle of giving his very best. They know that if the coach sees them trying their best during practice, they will get more time to play during the game.


You Don’t Always Win, but Winning Feels Good!

I’m not one of those parents that sugar coat life, because that is just not how live works. Parents who congratulate their kids for almost accomplishing something are setting them up for failure in life. Have you ever been congratulated for almost making a sale?

Not winning every time is a concept that my boys have learned. They definitely do not like to lose. Doing they best to win has become the attitude of my boys. To learn this lesson is a valuable lesson that will help them the rest of their lives.


The Value of Teamwork

Youth Football h as taught my boys the value of team work. They have learned that the main ingredient to make things happen is a group of people. My kids have learned that if they cannot accomplish something on their own, they need to ask for help.

My kids can use this principle now, and in their adult lives. Working well with others is an important aspect of many jobs. Teamwork in the the work place is a valuable skill. Working together as a team will cause your companies to become more profitable.


Be Accountable For your Actions

Many children have a hard time being accountable for their actions. They have a ready excuse for their actions and a reason for their actions.

Through football, my kids have learned a valuable life lesson, to be accountable. If they cause the team to get a penalty, it is something they need to own up to. There is no placing the blame on someone else.



Football has taught my children that they must be responsible. They need to show up to practice and games every day in full equipment. If not they will have to suffer consequences (i.e. Jumping Jacks). This is another awesome lesson that will pay huge dividends as the child matures into adulthood.

At the end of the season the players usually receive football team giftsfrom the coaches to reward them for their hard work and dedication.A football coaches gift is one way the kids thank the coaches for their hard work and dedication.

Lessons that can be learned on the football field are lessons that can help the players later on in life.

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