Many workmen excel in the craft of making beautiful chess sets

May 19, 2009


Thanks to the personal PC, the average person can learn to play this decorated game by competing against a computer at the level that suits the beginner player. No need to buy chess sets in today’s world. There are virtual clubs and online competitions a person can join to pick up a game of chess with another player anytime from anywhere around the globe.

Beautiful sets are composed of everything from polished glass, metal, wood and precious jewels, ivory and bone. Many artisans excel in the proficiency of making exquisite chess sets. These sets can sell for hundreds of thousands of chess became so favored The game of chess has become so popular that the play could go on for days with challengers playing winners to determine an ultimate chess champion. It was not until 1851 that the first international chess London.

Each player has sixteen chess pieces composed of a royal court. They are composed of a king, a queen, two knights, 2 bishops, and eight pawns. Each piece has set rules that rule the direction of their movement. The object of the game is to capture the opponent’s pieces and to eventually force the other player’s king into submission. Chessboards and the pieces can and have been created from many materials.

While it is not definitive not conclusive which culture invented the game, many nations attribute this great game’s beginnings to the land of India. Proof has been found that both Persian and Arabic cultures played a version of the game of chess. It was extraordinarily preferred among royal courts. Since that point chess has spread to each corner of the globe. The game of chess is played by two players on a board of 64 squares — 8 rows of 8 squares per row.

I love Marble Chess Sets, they provide timeless good looks and the delicate and smooth feel a marble chess set exudes are perfect ingredients for a great chess set. I’m terribly much keen on stone chess pieces as they are generally heavier and simply feel good in your hands.

There are a number of different types of marble a chess set can be made from. Traditional marble also comes in a variety of colours including black and tan, green and white, brown and black, and black and white.

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