Matte Watch – Yearly Photo Contest Info (Monthly,Weekly As Well)

August 6, 2009


If you like our digital photo creations, you will love our new contests beginning in July 2009. We are starting with weekly photo contests that allow winners to be automatically entered into both monthly and yearly competitions as participation increases. The top three winners of our weekly contests will be put automatically into the monthly prize competitions as they gain enough contestants to be awarded.

As monthly participation increases suitably, each months top three winners will automatically be made eligible to compete for an annual set of free prizes. Three winners will be chosen to receive the top prizes for the year in our annual photo competition. In the time it will take for active participation to build up to reasonable levels, we will concentrate efforts on the weekly and monthly incentives. During weeks or months where participation is slight, there may be no weekly or monthly prizes awarded. While entries are few, contestants will have improved chances for winning any contest prize levels just for submitting entries.

During rising participation, contestants will find it possible to win multiple weekly and monthly prizes through the year. More wins at these levels mean better chances for selection in higher level contests. When yearly contest prizes become set, they will be greater than the ones offered for monthly winners, and be made up of variations on digital creations available from our site.

To ensure fair competition, we may need to adjust some of our initial contest structure occasionally. We may need to make allowances for the skill levels of various contestants, to make sure everyone has more chances to win. This might be done by creating several skill level categories, or through some other limiting criteria. As time passes, we reserve the right to change any of our contest criteria, or to disqualify entries for being improperly submitted, inappropriate, off subject, or other reasons we will pass along to those who want to enter our contests. These contest ideas are being created to showcase works of our visitors, and give our audience an opportunity to see what we can design from digital photos.

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