Maximizing Roulette Profits

June 23, 2009



            Many people waste a lot of time trying to learn or study some roulette secrets to try and improve their chances of being a winner at this classic casino game. However, the truth of the matter is that roulette is a game which is completely governed by chance, and there is no way to try and learn a way to manipulate the game to ensure winning. Anyone who tries to sell you a book or a method which promises to divulge secrets of roulette to you is only going to be profiting from you, not from roulette. All games in the casinos are very strictly engineered to ensure that the house has the winning edge at all times. However, there are things that you can learn to minimize your chances of losing your money, and give yourself every chance of winning some money at the casino.


            The only TRUE secret to learning to win at roulette is to come to an understanding of roulette probability. All successful gambling is based on a system of learning to only put money on bets which provide favorable odds to the bettor. There is no bet in roulette which provides an advantage to the player over the house; however, there are bets which provide better odds than others. The biggest trap in the roulette game is to bet on the single number. This sucks many people in because of the potentially large and dramatic payouts, however, most of the time you will never win on this bet, and lose your money consistently. 


            Another important tip for roulette is to try and find a European wheel instead of an American wheel. The American wheel features a zero and a double zero slot, whereas the European only has as single zero, providing better odds.


            The true secret to roulette play is to stick to the outside bets. This includes things like betting on high, middle, or low sets of numbers, betting on red or black, and betting on odds or evens. There are some situations where betting on multiple numbers on the table and placing four corner bets can be profitable, but this requires a more in depth study of the odds of the game. For the beginner, rest assured that the best bets you can place on the table are those that you will place around the outside of the betting surface, not on the interior on the single numbers.





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