Modern Slot Car Racing

May 18, 2009


Slot Car Racing

There can’t be many people who have never heard of Scalextric. Scalextric is the big daddy of slot car racing systems.

Slot cars, for those who don’t know, are model cars that run along a track following a slot. The cars use little, efficient electric motors that receive their power from the track. Drivers control the speed of their cars with simple handset throttles. The drivers skill is tested on the bends where it can be tough to stay on the track when travelling at speed.

Slot car racing is a hobby that has grown in popularity as the technology has developed. Some people like to build tracks that mimic the real life racing tracks around the world. Their tracks may include accessories like stands, trees and track personnel. Many like to set up tracks with no obscuring structures or accessories.

There are so many different slot car models available today including all of the well known F1 racing cars and those used in popular American races like the NASCAR and Indycar rallies. In fact, collecting slot cars is a hobby enjoyed by many enthusiasts.

Although the basic system used by slot car racing sets hasn’t changed significantly in fifty years there have been some enormous advances making the hobby ever more engaging and fun.There are some fantastic multi car slot car racing systems available today that feature fully digital control and are surprisingly affordable.

One of the latest slot car racing innovations is the ability to race against other enthusiasts around the world via the internet. You can now compete with opponents in the same way that online computer gamers enjoy competition.

With the Scalextric Sport World system you get some fantastic trackside hardware and PC software that provides digital control and real time 3D coverage. The 3D software enables the design of sophisticated tracks with up to 8 lanes and a great selection of buildings and accessories. To create the exact track that you want you can even sculpt the landscape.  The configurability of the system is almost mind boggling. These new systems allow you to choose between a number of race modes including the Grand Prix, NASCAR, Rally and others. You can add realism by forcing pitstops and the system includes all the technical data you need to optimise your cars performance.

Modern slot car racing systems are packed with features that could only have been dreamed of fifty years ago when the first Scalextric system was released. Digital technology makes car control and monitoring much more sophisticated enabling accurate timing to a thousandth of a second and the accurate emulation of many popular race tracks around the world.

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