My Childhood Dream Was To Own A Magnificent Model Railroad Layout

October 8, 2009


I remember once when I was young my father decided to take me along with him to a model trains display and I saw the most astonishing thing I had ever seen a model trains world in miniature.

I stood for ages just looking in awe at the scene before me with buildings and so many trains running this way and that along the tracks disappearing into tunnels and the reappearing somewhere else on the layout.

There were long trains of trucks filled with coal and freight and lots of shorter trains with passenger carriages full of people
stopping at the stations and then moving on.

The scenery was amazing as well with mountains and cable cars and the bridges carrying the railroad over rivers and lakes it was as though I was looking at the real world in miniature.

It all created such a strong impression on me and I have always had a dream that I was perfectly capable of build a model train layout which would be almost as impressive as the one I saw as a child that was so memorable for me.

It is a bit daunting thinking of the work involved in producing something that will be as impressive as the tiny world I saw that day that became fixed in my mind for all these years.

We all have childhood dreams that we hope to achieve and I believe the time has come to put all my thoughts down into a real project and build the layout and it may take me years but I will build a magnificent model train layout for myself.

The work will be both a pleasure and a challenge as I have no experience of model making but since I have time on my hands I can learn and develop new skills with the help of model train layout guides I have purchased and I plan to continue to build and develop the layout when I retire.

We are very impressionable when young and the memory of that model train exhibition layout has always been at the back of my mind waiting for the right time and I know that now I will enjoy building and improving a life like model train layout for the rest of my life.

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