My Dads Practical Advice To Follow When Shopping For Outdoor Pool Tables

July 29, 2009


Think about how great it would feel to be hanging out on your patio playing a game of pool. If you are in the market for an outdoor pool table it is a good idea to look around for the best quality table you can buy.

There are several things you need to consider when deciding which outdoor billiard tables will give you the best performance. The outdoor billiard table you purchase should be made from materials designed to resist corrosion exterior grade fabric, stainless steel, aluminum, and slate.

It is never a good idea to buy an outdoor pool table made from wood which has been coated with plastic or vinyl. While they may cost less initially they are not really a good deal because they are more likely than not to need replaced rapidly. When shopping for a pool table for outdoor use cost should not be the only thing that you base your decision on.

While it is important to get the lowest possible price do not skimp on quality. On any pool table the most important part is the playing surface. It is no fun to play on an inferior playing surface. Slate makes the best playing surface.

Cheaper outdoor pool tables will substitute other materials for slate. Some of the materials they use instead include fiberglass, cement fiber substrates, and particle board. None of these materials will give you the durability and playability of slate. Another important thing to consider when picking an outdoor pool table is the rubber cushions.

There are many different kinds of rubber rail bumpers available. Try and buy an outdoor pool table that covers the rail rubber with a waterproof cloth that repels water and shields the rubber from the harmful effects of the sun. This will allow you to place your outdoor pool table in direct sunlight without worrying about damaged or soggy rails.

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