My Only Dream

June 1, 2009


Whenever I went to the park, I used to watch the kids doing tricks with their scooters. No wonder that my biggest desire was to have one of my own, and try all those stunts. My parents tried to convince that I need to grow up a little, and understand the value of money by working for it.

I told them I would do whatever it takes to raise the required amount, and I started doing different chores for them, and even for some of our neighbors. Even though it was tiring, I kept at it until I had enough money to buy one. My only problem was that it wasn’t enough to but the model I actually wanted.

As I could wait no more, I bought a scooter that wasn’t as expensive as the desired one. I was so proud of it; I wanted to show it to all my friends. They didn’t seem much impressed, but after a few days they agreed to come and see my precious toy. They tried it on, fought about who’s getting the next ride, and suddenly, they all wanted to have one. I gave them the best advice, and now, everybody in my group has its own scooter.

I gave them as much information as I could about the best models, and soon everybody in my group had one. As I was the first with a scooter, they came to me anytime they needed their toy repaired, so I got some money out of it. Soon I had enough money for my dream scooter: the fuzion asphalt ultimate carving machine. This was perfect for doing tricks. I have become one of the kids showing off in the park, and my scooter has become the dream of all the children in the neighborhood. I loved the feeling of knowing everyone was watching me whenever I was riding it.

Doing tricks with my new scooter isn’t as difficult as I thought, and I have become really good at it. My friends look up at me, I’m happy that I’ve made my dream come true, and my parents are pleased that I have learnt something important: the value of money.

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