No Limit Hold Strategy

May 7, 2009


No limit Texas holdem is by far the most popular form of poker played these days. With so many new players popping up, people are looking to learn more about the game. We hope you enjoy the tips we are providing below.

As a general rule, if you want to play a hand, come in raising the pot. Of course there can be exceptions, but this move allows you to take the lead in the hand. You have a better chance of winning the pot without hitting the flop if you have raised the hand pre flop.

Playing in position gives you a big advantage over your opponent. Use this advantage whenever you can. This is doubly good when you have a nice stack. Call small raises with your drawing hands like small pairs, or baby connectors when you have good position.

Playing a short table is key to winning tournaments. You need to play more hands as the number of players at the table shrinks. Leave the tight solid game behind when the table is short of players. You need to play a lot of hands.

You need to change your game if you wind up with a short stack. When you a running low on chips do not play speculative hands, play pairs and high cards, and just push all-in. When someone raises the pot, either go all-in, or fold and wait for a better spot.

Any style can work when you have a lot of chips. I think you will find that the best players take an offensive and active style when playing with a lot of chips. Look to have the nuts, or near to it if you want to put your tournament on the line when you have a deep stack.

If you find yourself out of position with a big hand, do not get cute, raise a lot. Just win pre flop if you can. If your opponent bets after the flop you can be sure he has a good hand.

Your chip stack should dictate how you approach playing your hands. It is critical that you consider the stack sizes of any opposition you might face in a hand. Sometimes you will have to call a short stack when you have nothing. You must do this when you are priced in.

When you play online, you can play in tournaments with thousands of players. A safe approach will not get you to the final table very often in such large events. You need to build a big stack if you want to win. The early eliminations are worth it when you go to a final table when you get on a hot streak.

You have an advantage if you know how the other players judge you as a player. A loose aggressive image is good if you know wheat to do. Do not bluff too much. When you make good hands in the future you can bet aggressively, and will get more calls.

No limit Texas holdem is a simple game on the surface. Being a winner at the tables is a tougher task. It used to take years to develop the skills to be a great player. Now, the online poker rooms help players play a lifetime of games in only a few years.

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