No Limit Holdem Tip

May 7, 2009


No limit Texas holdem is now the number one poker game played worldwide. This article is designed to help all you relatively new Texas holdem tournament players. We hope the tips below help you with your play.

No matter what hand you have, if you are going to be the first one in the pot, and you want to play, raise it up. Playing this way gives you better control of the situation. The plan is that by making a bigger pot, you stand to make more when you hit the flop big.

Playing in position gives you a big advantage over your opponent. Use this advantage whenever you can. It is easy to out maneuver your opponent when you have position on him. Make a nice raise when there are a few people between you and the button, and that can earn you position for the rest of the hand.

Playing at a table with less than six players takes some strategy adjustments. With the table short, you must be more aggressive. When the table has only a few players, do not sit back. You need to play aggressive.

When you find yourself in a short-stacked situation, you need to tighten up you style. With a short stack, when you decide to play, plan on going all the way. Do not get cute. Just get your chips in when you have a good hand.

The options are limitless when you are playing with a lot of chips/ When you have lots of chips get into a lot of pots, and see if you can keep building up your stack. Look to have the nuts, or near to it if you want to put your tournament on the line when you have a deep stack.

When you will be out of position after the flop, raise more with your good hands. Taking strong control helps make up somewhat for the bad position. A big raise followed up with another nice bet after the flop will win the pot most times.

How many chips you have will always be a factor in your choice of plays. Just as important is the stack size of your opponent in any particular hand. Many times the short stacked players will be pushing all-in with only average hands, not being able to wait for better hands. Consider this when you have a decent hand.

When you play in tournaments with huge fields, a more aggressive style is needed to go far, generally speaking. Having a good stack early in the event makes a big difference in going deep in these types of tournaments. When you get off to a big start, you can go much further usually.

Make a note of how your game appears to the other players at the table. If your image is of a loose player, you will have problems stealing pots. When you make good hands in the future you can bet aggressively, and will get more calls.

The core of no limit holdem is not overly difficult to understand. The skill required to win tournaments is another issue. With online poker rooms you can play lots of tournaments every day to hone your skills.

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