No Limit Poker Rules

May 11, 2009


We have all noticed the huge increase in poker activity of late. The success we are witnessing in all areas of the poker industry is quite unbelievable. Let’s see why people are interested in poker, and for what reasons it has turned into such a popular game.

Why do so many people seem to like poker? It seems that there are a few key things about poker that drive people to playing the game. Below are the things that explain why many of us have gotten into poker.

Poker has a strong psychological element, which people find very attractive. Discovering how to get people to decide in your favor is what this is all about. There is nothing more fun than pulling of a huge bluff to win a big pot.

People enjoy gambling, especially in games where your actions influence the outcome. Tournament poker offers players the chance to win a huge prize risking only an entry fee. If you have enough persistence and determination, there is no reason you can�’t become an excellent poker player.

Poker has been in the background for years. Why did it all of a sudden become a game that everyone wants to play? Three separate yet intertwined events worked together to cause the poker boom The invention of the hold card camera, and the marriage between the Internet and poker, followed by a huge surprised at the 2003 WSOP created the boom in poker that we enjoy still.

In the mid 1990’s an apparatus called the hole card cam is born. This new invention gave us a look at what the players have in their hands while play was going on. The pocket cam let�s the audience have a better view of the action.

Then, web based poker rooms opened up, and people started playing poker online. With online poker, you can play from home, any time of the day or night. More and more people start coming to the tables due to Internet poker sites.

The �“pocket cam”  was the key to creating a desirable television product. The increase in players from the online rooms, and the added TV coverage, are working together to push the game forward. Now, with things growing, only a spark was needed to set things on an explosive growth pattern.

Chris Moneymaker now wins the WSOP Main Event in 2003. Winning over 2 million dollars. Enough people were watching, that this had a huge effect. Now people realized that almost anyone had a chance to win big money at a poker tournament, and poker took off.

Top poker players are big time stars these days. Poker has become a multi-billion dollar business, showing strong growth since 2003. The online poker industry is simply a monster, and showing no signs of slowing down.

The magical combination of these three things put poker on a dynamic growth track. The web bases poker rooms are making big money providing a virtual playing area for millions of players around the world. At this point there seems to be no end in site for the growth in poker.

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