Not Your Typical Sleepy Casino: Welcome to The Blue Water Resort and Casino

May 22, 2009


With gorgeous views of the Colorado River, The Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ is a great place for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. A lengthy list of amenities is available at the resort and casino, so each member of the family can have a fantastic vacation experience. Even if traveling by boat, visitors can dock at the resort’s marina and find a welcoming place to stay. There is even a marina shop for those that need to pick up supplies for their boat or a quick snack.

One of the biggest attractions at The Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ is their gigantic waterpark. Imagine floating on inner-tubes, sliding down huge slides, or simply relaxing in the water all inside the comfort of the indoors. No rain or poor weather will stop visitors from taking in this amazing waterpark at The Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ. A spa is also located in the waterpark for those that just want to relax in hot water and muscle-easing jets.

A video arcade with fifty video games is available for the children, while the adults can practice their game in the fully-loaded casino. Both are open seven days of the week, so a day won’t go by where both parents and the kids get to have fun. Not only that, the whole family can enjoy the miniature golf course located on The Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ grounds.

Four-hundred and seventy-five gaming machines are ready for those over the age of twenty-one. These include cherry slots, Keno, blackjack, and blackjack poker. Not only that, those looking for some easier fun can sit in the 1,300 seat bingo room. Poker Bingo is a great way for visitors to sit back and relax while playing a game. Just make sure not to “jump the gun!”

There are incredible packages available that allow vacationers to not only get the best from The Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ, but also save a great deal of money. Even businesspeople are welcome at the resort and casino with large conference rooms that host any kind of seminar or conference. Those looking to get married will find those same rooms more than pleasing. Birthday parties and graduations can even be held in any of the conference rooms. So, take a trip to The Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker, AZ for any of your needs!

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