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April 2, 2009


Kurt Gookins asked:

You Have Found It! Your New Occupational Outlook Handbook Now throw that old handbook out the window. A sure fire way to make money on the internet without time, effort, or risk. Hard work will get you nowhere with this because there is no hard work! John Morrison has a PhD in Statistics and has cracked a code that wins 97-100% of the time in the NBA and MLB. You don’t have to do anything but place the bets. This system is 100% guaranteed to make you profit or you get every penny back.

This seems too good to be true right? Wrong! Even if you don’t have time to read how the system works (took me ten minutes) you can make a ton of money. The trick to this is that John will send you his personal picks via e-mail. That’s right, pick the same teams and win money by checking your e-mail and placing the bets. That’s It! John’s record as of 1/12/08 is 39 wins and 0 losses. It will take you five minutes a day!

When you read how the system works you will be amazed at its simplicity. It’s easier to understand than an Occupational Outlook Handbook. You will wonder how it could be true and how more people didn’t think of this. The truth is that it took a century’s worth of statistical data to be analyzed before finding the Ultimate Weapon. Numbers don’t lie and the numbers say that this system is true down to the core.

This is something John had to say about his system and what it means to him:

“I would normally never disclose my betting secret to anyone for any kind of a price. In fact, on the day I made my discovery I had thought that the only chance that I would ever even slip out any specifics of my betting system was if you held a gun right next to my head. But, with all the money I’ve hoarded from my winnings, I’ve learned that there’s no reason to be such a greedy and selfish pig. The crazy thing is, how on earth am I going to find a reasonable price to charge for my miracle of a betting system? Considering its killing value, I can put up a price of $50,000 and it’ll be worth it. I can even price it at $100,000 and it’ll still be worth it because I know you’ll eventually make it all back, and still thank your lucky star that you had the chance to come across my system.”

So how much is it? You will have to click through my link to find out. I will tell you that it’s a onetime fee, and with John’s special promotion code and inside contacts you can get 55% of your first deposit! So if you have $5,000 that is $2,500 you just made! I had a very small budget so I came nowhere near that number, but you can sign up and deposit $50 to the betting site if that is all you can afford. It would be wise to invest as much as possible because the higher your deposit the more return you will receive. This also holds true when placing your bets. You should always bet inside your budget.

The catch is that your budget will do nothing but grow as long as you follow the system and/or read your e-mailed picks.

When you click through the link to the actual pitch page (free) John Morrison will tell you all about himself, where he came from, how he achieved his goals, and a ton more about his incredible betting system. Including how much it costs!

You can search through an Occupational Outlook Handbook for specialty jobs or businesses all day long and find a ton of companies with great skills products they will teach you to use and sell. My advice search for something in there you love to do because it will be a second form of income. Once you start this system you will be able to quit your current job and do something that you are passionate about. I like it because it is a simple system. I love it because it works! Now I am promoting it not because John even asked me too, but because I want to help him in his goal of creating wealth for others. He has put a lot of time into his system and wants to put money in your pockets too. So give his link a click and let him tell you more.

If you are reading this through an article directory or networking site you may be directed to my own page www.fastperformancelinks.com where this article originated and then click my link there. I don’t do spamming and you have no obligation to me there that’s just where the link is to this system. If you want to click through congrats, if not still go to the page above and take a look around or watch some videos.

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Author: Kurt Gookins

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