Olympic Weightlifting – A Tip For Your Exercise

October 9, 2009


The are increasing amount of questions about weightlifting because that’s one of the most popular activity nowaday. What is the weightlifting?
Olympic weightlifting is the traditional sports form that has provided the fundamentals for modern weightlifting. Its basics consist of the lifting of a single maximum weight in the category which is usually a barbell on which various weight plates have been added. There are all sorts of variations from this traditional Olympic weightlifting that is preserved in competitions mainly. Thus, a fine example here is powerlifting that uses smaller weights and faster lifting moves that demand a lot of mobility too.

Athletes of all kinds rely on the techniques specific to Olympic weightlifting to simply increase their strength and capacity to cope with the physical challenges of tough competitions. Among amateurs, the popularity of Olympic weightlifting is lower given the fact that people have mainly got used to working on the machines available in gyms, which are a lot easier to use as compared to barbells. The use of barbells does however remain a casual form of training because it seems to give the measure of one’s strength. Closely follow the indications of a trainer if you are new to this sport, because incorrect performance of Olympic weightlifting could cause serious back injuries.

Normally, you’ll need more than just determination and some muscle mass to cope with the demands and challenges of Olympic weightlifting. Speed and strength are important factors in the equation, and they are backed by flexibility, technique and consistency in exercising. Certain muscles will be more intensely used than others. Thus, most of the work is done by the legs, the shoulders and the back. Given the fact that a certain position is required for the correct execution, Olympic weightlifting poses health threats to those who don’t know how to assume a correct body posture during a lift. Plus, the use of special equipment such as belts and gloves is also very important for the athlete’s protection.

There are several categories specific to Olympic weightlifting, and they apply differently to men and women depending on their body weight. Some categories have been changed in international regulations and confusions about weight classes could be easily made. An important competition rule worth mentioning is the right to three lifts in Olympic weightlifting competitions, with the best of results being kept. It goes without saying that the weight in the plates added to the barbells are calculated according to bodyweight, and the more the lifter lifts, the higher he/she will get in the hierarchy of the competition.

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