One of the Best Heart Monitors – F11 Polar

October 26, 2009


You can choose from many different heart rate monitor watches, but there are only a few that are considered to be of the best quality.  Polar has been one of the best brands for over 30 years.  In the late 1970s, they gave us the first accurate EKG monitor, and produced a series of improved monitors with the RS800, RS200SD, and F55.  These monitors have been popular with athletes for decades.  But today, the Polar F11 is usually cited as the best heart rate monitor watch that you can buy, and this review will explore why.

Features and Functions

The Polar F11 is one of the select few workouts that come with a program for monitors, called Keeps U Fit, that tells the user how often, how hard and for how long they should workout for to reach their goals whether it is weight loss related or fitness. Similar to other Polar unique monitors, the Polar F11 comes with heart features such as the OwnCal function. It gives an energy reading of how much you have burnt up during workouts whether in a single session or accumulated sessions. It also allows the user to set daily and weekly calorie expenditure goals.

A Wear Link Coded transmitter belt comes with every Polar F11.  This provides for better results because it cancels interference from other electronic and wireless devices, which is great if you work out in a gym.  The F11 is easy to wear and comfortable, although the belt can sometimes be irritating. However, not wearing the belt can lead to inaccurate results in some cases.

More Innovative Functions

Other cool features on the Polar F11 include a stop watch in real time and an alarm function, exercise duration, an easy and large to read display screen with split screen options and water resistance to a depth of thirty meters or around a hundred feet. It also doubles as a great everyday watch with a dual time display, a display of heart rate for training and averages.

Overall, it is no surprise that the Polar F11 is consistently ranked in the Best Heart Rate Monitor class. It comes with many innovative functions and features and is sleekly designed for everyday use. If you are not satisfied with your fitness and weight loss results, than invest in a quality heart monitor watch such as the Polar F11.

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