Online Casino Bonuses: To Accept or Not to Accept…

June 5, 2009


Online casinos have been flooding the online world lately. It seems that they have been trying very hard to attract more and more players to test their luck at their online casino.

Each online casino tries to outdo their competition by creating new and better promotions to catch a player’s attention. One of the most popular promotions being used right now is the bonus casino money. These promotions offer depositing players match bonuses of 20%, 50%, 100% and even higher of free money to use in that particular online casino.

When you take advantage of an bonus offer at an online casino there are restrictions that are put in place. These restrictions are to prevent a player from depositing their money, getting the bonus, and then withdrawing their money and the bonus without wagering a single dollar. Some casinos require that the player wager the value of the bonus money a number of times before being allowed to cash out the money. Some casinos will also require the player to wager the bonuses on certain games.

Games like baccarat, craps, roulette and blackjack generally do not qualify for the bonus play through rules. The bonus offer attracts two types of players. The first type of player uses the bonus to play longer, take bigger risks and have a lot of fun playing different casino games they would not normally play if they were wagering their own money. The second type of player is known as a bonus hunter. The bonus hunters deposit just enough money to get the maximum bonus, play through the minimum requirements, withdraw all their money, and then move onto the next casino.

Online Casinos are always on the lookout for bonus hunters and when they are caught their bonus privileges are usually revoked.  Get your bonuses now from sites like Online Free Casino Games, Online Free Roulette or Online Gambling Specials.

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