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March 24, 2009


Financial Spread Betting Tips asked:

Online Spread betting

Financial Spread Betting Tips has extensive experience at finding the most profitable spread betting information for investors. Our most recent find was a spread betting company that banked over 90,000 points from 258 trades in 2008. If you have been spread betting online for years or if you recently started spread betting in the UK, we provide you with the cutting edge information to help you become a highly profitable trader.

Many online spread betting services offer training, guidance and support but ask yourself when was the last time you found an online spread betting company that actually gave you a full list of all the trades they place for the past twelve months.

When was the last time you spoke to an online spread betting company that actually opened its account to the public so you could see just how profitable their trading method actually is?

Our aim at Financial Spread Betting Tips is to make sure you have the best possible information in order to be profitable at spread betting as quickly as possible. A recent discussion had with a broker informed me that nearly 97% of traders lose all there money trading in the first year and never trade again. This is why after more than ten years of researching every single trading system you can imagine we finally found an online spread betting method that you are going to have great difficulty in believing the results. This online spread betting methodology actually looses 60% of its trades and still banked 1504% profit in 2008.

Clearly you can be forgiven in thinking that an online spread betting methodology does not exist well here at we have prepared an extensive 23 page guide detailing exactly how it is achievable. In fact we also give you full access to the list of 258 trades so you can do your own analysis.

In our experience most online spread betting methods have not been tested properly, whereby the method can be applied to any twelve-month period throughout say the past 25 years and still show a profit. I’m not going to tell our online spread betting method has been tested and verified over the past 26 years to show an average profit of 160% a year, I am going to invite you to visit and get the facts and all the information for yourself.

Our objective is to continue to provide investors and business partners with access to highly profitable online spread betting information. In addition as the international expansion grows there will be a need to bring on highly respected business partners in those areas. All business partners will be expected to operate with integrity and diligence when expanding the customer base.

We offer online spread betting information to investors from the moment they choose to register with us. Initially this is through our website and then in the form of an online seminars where we assist the investor in opening a demo spread betting account and if necessary show the investor how to place a trade. This is purely a personal service that is only available with a demo account the investor will not be permitted to request a live account to be traded under any circumstances. Once the account-owner has had sufficient assistance they will then be comfortable to proceed to begin spread betting online.

For more experienced investors who have been spread betting in the UK for a significant period time and therefore feel comfortable trading a live account, we will invite you to proceed to use the online spread betting method we use. Here the investor will have access to the information, insights and recommendations from our independent specialist financial spread betting system provider. The investor will then be able to use this information to have a spread betting strategy designed to help maximise an investor’s profit potential.

For information about spread betting or further information about the online spread betting method we use please feel free to contact us today through our website. We look forward to helping you.

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