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June 25, 2009


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The Man in the Iron Mask: Handsome retelling of the reliable Alexander Dumas story of a guy unreasonably imprisoned and encased in an iron mask-since his extremely presence bullies the reigning baron of France, the youthful, self-centered Louis XIV. The destiny of both are eventually in the hands of the aging although still enthusiastic Musketeers. It could be difficult to miss with that cast; the film is relatively enjoyable, however it does go on too long. Cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Gerard Depardieu, Peter Sarsgaard, and Hugh Laurie. (132 minutes, 1998)

Marie Antoinette: Fable on life of famed 18th-century French monarch has remarkable Morgan in title role although requires point of view and scope. Cast includes Michele Morgan, Richard Todd, and Jean Morel. (105 minutes, 1955)

Downhill: This film charts a gentleman’s spiritual skid, beginning while, as a schoolboy, he is disowned by his family after an indiscretion with a gal, and later as an adult while his spouse wastes away his inheritance. Lesser Hitchcock film still shows the master’s visual ability. Cast includes Ivor Novello, Ben Webster, Robin Irvine, Sybil Rhoda, Lillian Braithwaite, Isabel Pants, and Ian Hunter. (95 minutes, 1927)

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids: Eccentric inventor Wayne Szalinski has accidentally shrunk his kids. His kids are now only ‘ of an inch tall. The kids are stuck in the backyard dealing will all the dangers, bugs, bees, the lawn mover, and even the sprinklers. Wayne is on a frantic search to find his kids and somehow return them back to normal.

Hanna’s War: The real tale of Hungarian freedom fighter Hanna Senesh (Detmers), based in part on her daily log, is a misdirected mess. The youthful, Jewish WW2 martyr warranted a far more superior production than this overlong, uninspiring melodrama. Cast includes Ellen Burstyn, Maruschka Detmers, Anthony Andrews, Donald Pleasence, David Warner, Denholm Elliott, Vincenzo Ricotta, and Ingrid Pitt. (148 minutes, 1988)

Adventure: Gable’s back, Garson’s got him. but they both sink in cumbersome comedy of seagoing roustabout and a modest librarian. Not even gusty Blondell could spare it from flopping. Clark Gable, Greer Garson, Joan Blondell, Thomas Mitchell, Tom Tully, John Qualen, and Richard Haydn head the cast. (1945 125minutes)

Hail Hail: Talky, overblown tirade in regards to a well-brushed hippie Douglas who encounters his clan as he separates his sensations in reference to Vietnam battle. Remarkable only as monitor debuts for Douglas and Strauss, and a rare film donation by musician Gordon Lightfoot, who configured and harmonizes 2 melodies. Initially 100 Cast includes MIPG. Cast includes Michael Douglas, Arthur Kennedy, Teresa Wright, John Larch, Louise Latham, Charles Drake, John Qualen, and Carmen Zapata. (97 minutes, 1969)

First Knight: This movie tells the story of the love, and betrayal that King Arthur had to endure. The true love of his life, Guinevere, and Lancelot, a daring Knight he comes to love and trust like a brother, fell in love when Lancelot saved her from an ambush as she was traveling to marry King Arthur. This indiscretion will bring unbearable heartache to all involved.

Just Cause: Bobby Earl is going to die by execution. He has always claimed his innocence, and now asks Paul Armstrong, a Harvard law professor, to try and prove he is not guilty of murdering a small girl eight years ago. Upon investigating the case, Paul finds lots of evidence that might acquit his new client, but local law enforcement just isn’t interested. Before it is all over Paul learns that there is more to Bobby Earl than it first appeared.

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