Physical Fitness Basics

October 1, 2009


It’s a familiar story:  a well-intentioned New Year’s resolution gone wrong.   How many times have we resolved to lose weight as a goal for a new year, and a few weeks later, we’re serving up a second slice of pie after dinner? Regardless, there is something inside of us that causes that change in thinking, that initial motivation to make the resolution in the first place. It’s harnessing and maintaining that motivation that is the trickiest part of the equation.   Be sure to come up with a sensible eating plan that includes a balanced diet, since that is a foundational change on the road to losing weight.  There are also several avenues to establishing a fitness routine.

Unique sports can give you a jump start at putting together a great physical fitness routine. Consider gathering up some fencing equipment and trying your hand at the foil! Fencing is probably not the first sport you think of when considering sports with potential to help you lose weight. If you haven’t attempted fencing before, you can take classes that will help you on the road to learning. By taking up a new sport, it can add an extra layer of motivation to your fitness routine. By learning new sport rules, getting new competitors, and practicing new techniques, you engage the mind and the body.  Once you obtain appropriate fencing gear, you will begin a sport that can help you lose weight, improve your skills, and discover something exciting and new.

Another method of losing weight includes a more traditional route of joining a gym and getting a personal trainer. There are advantages to this more common way of trying to lose weight.    Trainers function as motivators, pushing you to meet your fitness goals, and serving also as someone to keep you honest. Gyms have a wide variety of equipment, often available for use at early morning or late night hours.   Some include swimming pools, a fantastic low-impact workout that is easy on the joints.   If your tastes run to a more traditional approach to weight loss, this may be the option for you.

By choosing to take up a new sport or even just taking a more traditional route to achieving physical fitness, results follow consistency. Having strong motivators is ideal, and possible options are learning a new sport or getting a partner in training. Finally, you should definitely consult with a doctor before starting any physical fitness program, if nothing else, to establish a baseline for your current state of health. 

For more information on fencing, you can check out the community site at Fencing.Net or visit the US Fencing Association.

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