Pingpong Training - The Effects of Concentration

September 25, 2009


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This issue is common among many professional and amateur athletes. The game of Table Tennis requires focus and concentration, and if you often find yourself consistently blowing your 8-4 or 9-5 leads, chances are the problem is simply a lack of concentration. Losing games when you have a great lead is actually a very common problem, but it is a problem that can be easily helped by improving your concentration. How do you improve concentration? Well, practice makes perfect; so, as easy as it might sound, practice concentrating!Do not forget the keep it simple approach.
Every time you practice your skill, you develope habits that will surface in your game. For example, if you are doing drills with a partner and your focus is great when it’s your turn to do the drill but not so great when you are not doing the drill, then you are practicing very short periods of concentration followed by lapses in concentration. In a Ping Pong game, the habit of fluctuating concentration often translates into good focus in the beginning of a game helping you to build a lead, and then a loss of concentration resulting in a loss of the game. Once recognized you can change a bad habit.
To overcome a poor habit, when you practice, make sure you are concentrating during the entire practice session. If you find that you cannot focus for two or three hours straight, then start out at about a half-hour and then build up from there. Soon, you will find yourself increasing the time that you can hold perfect concentration, and your focused concentration will lead to you playing an entire game and match with full attention, enabling you to finally finish off those leads.Stay focused and finish off those leads! A great practice partner is the digital Newgy Table Tennis Robot model 2050.

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