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May 7, 2009


If you play poker these days, you usually are a no limit Texas holdem player. Everyone is playing, and many players are looking to improve their play. We hope the tips below help you with your play.

If no player has taken action before you, raise the pot when you want to play, rarely just call. Of course there can be exceptions, but this move allows you to take the lead in the hand. The pre flop raiser usually has the advantage after the flop.

Try to play as many hands as you can when you have good position. You can push you opponents around with a big chip stack, and position. Playing hands like small suited connectors is best when you have position on your opponents.

To win tournaments you need to learn how to play with a short table. You need to play more hands as the number of players at the table shrinks. There is only one option when the table is short. You need to play more hands.

When you fall into a bad situation with a short stack of chips left, alter your game accordingly. The best play with a short stack is normally to just go all-in. You should not be calling raises, and then folding after putting in 1/3 of your chips.

There are different styles that a poker player can choose from. When you have a lot of chips, you can choose any style. Do not sit back if you get a nice stack of chips. Keep building it up if you can. When you have a deep stack you have to play poker, you can just go all in with an okay hand.

It is even more important to make a large sized raise when you will be out of position playing the hand. If you win without seeing the flop, that is a good thing. It is a good play to follow up with a big bet after the flop. This will win you most hands right there.

Good players understand you need to tack into account your chips stack size when contemplating making a play. A player is going to make different decisions according to his stack size, so keep that in mind. Be wary of the smaller sized stacks going all in after you raise. Do you have the right hand to make a call, or can you fold.

When you play in tournaments with huge fields, a more aggressive style is needed to go far, generally speaking. You increase you chances greatly if you build a nice stack early in the tournament, so, take some chances to do so. The chances of going far with a small stack are slim, take your chances and go for a big stack early.

You need to stay aware of your table image. If you have played wildly, you will have trouble bluffing. With a loose image you can make big outrageous looking bets with good hands, and people will call you down.

It is not hard to learn how to play no limit Texas holdem. The skill required to win tournaments is another issue. It takes thousands of hands to gain the experience to be an expert player.

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