Play Poker at the Soaring Eagle Casino

June 18, 2009


            The Soaring Eagle Casino Mt Pleasant MI is centrally located in the State, providing easy accessibility for anyone from anywhere in the State to come and enjoy the resort. People do come from all over the State and beyond, and quite frequently you will find all 500 and more rooms at the luxury hotel and casino facility full with people of all ages and backgrounds coming to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable gaming holiday.  For many who live in Michigan and the surrounding states, this facility provides a much closer to home alternative to the casino resorts in Las Vegas.


            The Soaring Eagle Casino Mt Pleasant Michigan doesn’t just offer luxury rooms like the best resorts in Las Vegas though. In addition, you can find some of the best gaming anywhere in the country within the walls of the Soaring Eagle resort. For many, gaming starts and ends with slots and video terminals, and there are more than enough of those to keep everyone who visits the resort happy.  With well over 4000 slot machines, there are more than enough options to keep you happy until you find the one that is going to make you lucky! In addition, the gaming floor features over 70 table games, a huge variety of classic favorites like craps and roulette, along with some new and exciting games that you can discover for the first time.


            The Soaring Eagle Casino Mt Pleasant gaming floor also features poker and bingo facilities. Bingo has long been a favorite gaming activity with those who enjoy a quieter more relaxing experience, and poker has swept the nation to become the most popular gambling game of all time, and the televised popularity of the game has spilled over into the casinos. The poker room is open 24 hours a day, but in addition there are a number of regularly scheduled poker tournaments in a variety of buy-ins and formats. There are tournaments in the most popular Texas Hold’Em format almost every day, and in addition to the larger scheduled tournaments there are always sit-n-go single table tournaments which run throughout the day, offered at three different buy in levels. That way, the casino has helped to ensure that the poker rooms have games that are accessible to everyone no matter what their budget might be, instead of only offering games for high rollers as certain other casinos have been known to do in their poker rooms.


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