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May 22, 2009


No limit Texas holdem is now the number one poker game played worldwide. Everyone is playing, and many players are looking to improve their play. We put together a few tips to help you when you play in tournaments.

Whenever it is possible, raise the pot instead of just making a call when you are first one in. Being the first one in the pot with a raise gives you initial control of future play. Also, a raised pot will have a lot more value when you hit a good flop.

You simply must play as many hands as you can with position. When you have a lot of chips you can be very adventurous with this idea. Sometimes raising from the middle of the board can drive out the players after you, including the dealer, giving you position on all the other players who play the hand.

There will be times when you play at a table with only a few players. With the table short, you must be more aggressive. Unless everyone is deep stacked, the play will be very aggressive, do not hang back, you need to play an attacking game.

If you wind up with a small stack of chips, adjust your play accordingly. Short stack play is really simple if you play it right. If you have the right hand, go all-in, other wise fold. You should not be calling raises, and then folding after putting in 1/3 of your chips.

A large stack of chips gives you lots of style options. I think the best move is to play an attacking style. Look to have the nuts, or near to it if you want to put your tournament on the line when you have a deep stack.

With good hands and bad position, make a big pre flop raise. You must make your opponents pay to see the flop. Playing after the flop will be easier because you made this raise.

The size of your stack is an important issue when you are deciding how to play a hand. It is critical that you consider the stack sizes of any opposition you might face in a hand. When a short stack pushes all-in, he might have a very weak hand and you can call with mediocre hands if you can afford it.

When you play in tournaments with huge fields, a more aggressive style is needed to go far, generally speaking. If you play aggressive, and build a big stack you will have your best chance to win. It is worth the risk elimination if you can get that big stack early.

Pay close attention to what the other players think of your style. You can benefit from creating a loose image. People will tire of you aggressive play. When you have a big hand, you often will get the action you want, and take down a big pot.

It is not hard to learn how to play no limit Texas holdem. The skill required to win tournaments is another issue. You can gain all the experience you need fairly quickly by playing tournaments at poker rooms online.

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