Play the Michigan State Lottery

July 24, 2009



Public and private lotteries have existed since the 1800’s all around the world. In some countries it is outlawed and in others it is very much run and regulated by the government. In some countries the lotto is both state and province wide and in others there are national and regional based lotteries. In America the lotteries are regulated state wide as there is no national lottery like, for example, in Canada with Lotto 6/49. Some may think that because there is no national lottery in the US that the jackpots are smaller but easier to come by. Well, this isn’t true there have been massive winnings recorded within the United States; in fact, the largest recorded lottery prize was won in the US. It was upward of three hundred and fifty million dollars! Now haven’t you ever dreamed of that kind of cash prize? The Michigan State Lottery has been a staple in the lottery business for many years attracting thousands upon thousands of users every week. To some playing local lottery tickets is a tradition or even a hobby. With the extreme of accessibility many people have added that trip to the corner store into their daily lives.


As well playing their tickets and choosing the lucky numbers following the results each day or week is just as important for people. The lotto results have fuse themselves into all media outlets both with major broadcast networks and online applications. For example the Michigan lotto results like any other state wide lottery results can be found in a multitude of places making it convenient to check if you won, no matter what your lifestyle is. Say you drive into work every morning listening to your favorite morning radio show, or perhaps you work in a home office where the internet is at your helm all day. No matter what your daily life consists of there will be a convenient way for you to get the results. The lottery industry gas infiltrated everything from local news shows on television to having dedicated areas in major newspapers.


To go back to our example the Michigan lottery results can be found on the internet, on television, the internet and on the radio. These days news shows and newspapers use the lottery results as a way to draw people to buying there paper or watching their broadcasts. Some of us will buy the same newspaper for our entire lives without realizing that the reason is almost solely based on the habit of checking lotto results.

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