Playing the Lottery in Washington

June 7, 2009



            Lottery is one of America’s favorite past times, and every week millions of people across the country trek to their local lottery retailers to buy their chance at winning huge prizes of up to many millions of dollars. The Washington State Lotto is of course no different, and every week is giving away huge prizes to residents of the State, as well as offering tickets on Mega Millions, a multi state draw which frequently has jackpots which hit truly enormous heights.


            The Washington Lotto has a variety of different games to play, and with as much variety as they present there should be something for people who like to play almost any kind of lottery game. As mentioned previously, you can buy Mega Millions tickets in Washington, which is a large multi state lottery which has prizes much larger than those of the individual state lotteries. They also offer “Lotto” which is a traditional 6/49 lottery game, except that for a single dollar you will receive not one, but  two plays, allowing you to get twice as many chances to win for your gambling money.


            For those who get excited about Washington Gambling and want to try some games other than the more traditional lottery games like Lotto and Mega Millions, there are games like Hit 5, Match 4, and Keno. Keno especially is a big draw to gambling enthusiasts who also enjoy playing keno in the keno rooms at casinos, not just through the lottery system. Hit 5 and Match 4 are games which offer smaller jackpots than some of the bigger lotteries, but which offer much better odds of winning a prize. As an example, the official Hit 5 website claims that the games odds are better than 1:9, much better than most lottery games.


            The State lottos exist to help raise money for education within their states, something that is extremely important for the future of each State. By having a popular and lucrative method of raising money for education they help ensure that children are given all the opportunities that they deserve, and they also manage to do so in a manner that gives a lot of entertainment to people across the State, as well as bettering the lives of a lucky few beyond their wildest dreams. That is why lotteries are and will continue to be an important part of the entertainment and fund raising industries within this country.


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