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May 17, 2009


No limit Texas holdem is by far the most popular form of poker played these days. This article is designed to help all you relatively new Texas holdem tournament players. Read on to fill your mind with some good ideas on some situations that you find yourself in when you play holdem tournaments.

Whenever it is possible, raise the pot instead of just making a call when you are first one in. Of course there can be exceptions, but this move allows you to take the lead in the hand. The pre flop raiser usually has the advantage after the flop.

Play often when you have good position. When the blinds are small many players over play their big pair hands. Calling with drawing cards form good position can lead to nice double ups at times. The best hands to play from good position are ones that will be well disguised. Unsuspecting players will pay you nicely.

When you are at the final table of tournaments you need to know how to play against less and less opponents. You need to play more hands when the table becomes short. There is only one option when the table is short. You need to play more hands.

You must adjust your game when you are stuck with a short stack. Playing with a short stack you often need to go all in if you decide to play. When someone raises the pot, either go all-in, or fold and wait for a better spot.

When there are a lot of chips in your stack, you can play a lot of hands. I think the best move is to play an attacking style. Be much more cautious with hands like big pocket pairs that miss the flop, or top pair top kicker.

When you have a nice hand in the blinds, you should almost always raise the pot. You must make your opponents pay to see the flop. It is a good play to follow up with a big bet after the flop. This will win you most hands right there.

You must consider the size of your stack when making any plays. You must also consider the stack size off any opponent you might face. When a short stack pushes all-in, he might have a very weak hand and you can call with mediocre hands if you can afford it.

You have to play aggressive if you want to win events that have a lot of players. You increase you chances greatly if you build a nice stack early in the tournament, so, take some chances to do so. When you get off to a big start, you can go much further usually.

Make a note of how your game appears to the other players at the table. A loose aggressive image is good if you know wheat to do. Do not bluff too much. People will tire of you aggressive play. When you have a big hand, you often will get the action you want, and take down a big pot.

The core of no limit holdem is not overly difficult to understand. To be a winning player is much more difficult. You might be able to learn to play in a day, but it takes a lifetime to truly master.

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