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May 11, 2009


There has been an incredible jump in poker activity over the last decade. Amazingly, poker has become a fast growing, money making machine. Three distinct events seemed to have caused this explosion in poker. We will examine what these things were, as well as just what interests people about poker.

What are the things involved in poker that lures people into this entertaining game? We can point to certain things about the game that peak our interest in the game of poker. Here are a couple of examples that explain why so many of us like to play poker.

The battle between the players is very mental, that many people derive great satisfaction from. Learning to get your opponent to do what you would like is what we are talking about here. There is the excitement of deception, and that of reading your opponents actions.

In poker, even though there is a gambling sense, you are in actions have a great influence on the results. People like this. TV has popularized tournament play with huge purses. If you have enough persistence and determination, there is no reason you can�’t become an excellent poker player.

So, it is easy to see why people like poker. Just what happened to cause poker to become so much more prevalent? We can note three particular occurrences that effectively led to the poker explosion we are seeing. The pocket cam, the start of online poker rooms, and a surprise victory lead to this dynamic growth in poker.

We start with the invention of hole card camera The invention made it so that people watching a televised poker event would be abele to see what the players down cards are. With the addition of this device, people started enjoying the TV replays of tournaments.

The pocket cam was quickly followed by the start of online poker. Web based poker rooms made many things possible. There is an increase in poker players caused by these online rooms.

So, we now see a big increase in TV ratings with the new hole card camera. More players are coming to the live events, making winning prizes look like lottery tickets. The third event in this sequence triggered a rapid growth for the build up that had already started.

Then, amateur Chis Moneymaker wins the Main Event, and over $2.5 Million at the 2003 WSOP. The prize money became huge, because of the increased number of players, mostly online players. This final event sent poker on a huge growth track.

Big poker tournaments find the tables filled with many Hollywood super stars, everyone is getting into the game. The explosion in poker’s popularityhas been dramatic since Moneymaker�s incredible run. The purses at the big events now can be lottery sized wins, and even online prize pools can be enormous.

When you look back, it is easy to see that these events set poker on this new, fast growing, course. Just playing online poker you can play in a tournament with a minimum of $1 million at least once a week. It is hard to see when this poker boom will slow down.

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