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May 13, 2009


The world of poker has witnessed spectacular amounts of TV coverage, and interest. Why did Texas Hold’em, and poker in general, wind up becoming a big hit on television? We will now take a look at why lots of us are interested in poker, and just what has lead to this boom we seeing.

Alright, why are people interested in this particular card game? There are a few things about playing poker that draw people to the game. Read below to see a list of reasons that tell us why lots of people enjoy playing poker.

We see a number of different head games that are a big part of the game of poker. Discovering how to get people to decide in your favor is what this is all about. Hardly anything can top bluffing your opponent and taking down a big hand.

There is luck and skill, and even though this can be frustrating at times, people just love it. With the huge prizes, many players enjoy tournament poker now. The subtle variations of the game keep people coming back for more.

What happened to make poker the popular activity it is today, from the behind the scenes activity it was? We can note three particular occurrences that effectively led to the poker explosion we are seeing. The little camera that sees the hole cards is the start, followed by poker played on the web, and the Moneymaker win in 2003, and poker takes off.

Back in 1995 a professional poker player patented a device that was called a hole card camera. Now we know what the players have while we watch the hand play out. The pocket cam let�s the audience have a better view of the action.

Then poker on the Internet came along. Now, anyone with a computer could become a poker player. The players started to grow in numbers due to online poker rooms.

The �“pocket cam”  was the key to creating a desirable television product. Now, more people are watching and playing poker than ever before. Now, with things growing, only a spark was needed to set things on an explosive growth pattern.

In 2003, Chris Moneymaker, an unknown amateur poker players wins the WSOP Main Event. The large player pool, which created a huge 1s place prize, came from the Internet players getting involved. As a result, poker simply exploded in popularity.

Now, poker players are celebrities, and celebrities are poker players. Poker has become a multi-billion dollar business, showing strong growth since 2003. We now see Europe and Asia getting into the poker scene, so growth continues.

These three events sent poker on this booming path. Casinos in places like Las Vegas reacted by expanding or opening new poker rooms. There seems to be nothing to stop poker from growing at this point.

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