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May 12, 2009


There was a humongous upswing in poker play in the last 10 years. Why did Texas Hold’em, and poker in general, wind up becoming a big hit on television? We will now take a look at why lots of us are interested in poker, and just what has lead to this boom we seeing.

Alright, why are people interested in this particular card game? The reasons most people play poker are just a couple of  special things poker offers us. The following are a sampling of the things that show why we like playing poker.

We see a number of different head games that are a big part of the game of poker. You see this in many different ways, such as tricky table talk. There is something special about the moments when you make a big call to catch a bluff, or lay down a big hand and find out you made a good fold.

In poker, even though there is a gambling sense, you are in actions have a great influence on the results. People like this. People love tournament poker, where you can win lottery-sized prizes. If you have enough persistence and determination, there is no reason you can�’t become an excellent poker player.

Poker has been in the background for years. Why did it all of a sudden become a game that everyone wants to play? You can look back and identify 3 key events that resulted in poker becoming a mainstream activity. The pocket card camera started this, followed by online poker, and then a virtual rookie winning the biggest tournament in poker in 2003 set the game on an upward spiral.

It begins in 1995 with the creation of the hole card camera. This apparatus gave the TV audience a peek at the cards all the players were holding. This gave the audience a much better perspective on the play of the hand.

The next thing that happened was online poker was born. Now, anyone with a computer could become a poker player. More and more people start coming to the tables due to Internet poker sites.

This little “hole card cam” has people watching poker on TV now. Add to that a larger player base, thanks to online poker including increased fields at the big tournaments. Poker is now an industry on the rise, with potential to grow, it just needs something special to happen.

In the year 2003, an amateur player (Chris Moneymaker), beat out all the pros to take down the WSOP championship event, winning $2,500,000. The online poker presence at the live event made the purse swell to a huge number. This final event sent poker on a huge growth track.

Poker players have become celebrities from all the TV coverage. The entire poker industry generates huge money now. With the US being the primary market, as the rest of the world gets involved, poker will continue growing.

Hindsight is 20/20 vision. But now, it is easy to see the influence that these three events have had on the massive growth poker has seen. Online poker rooms like Poker Stars, and Party Poker have had huge success, and generate enormous income. It seems pretty obvious now, that poker is here to stay.

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