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May 13, 2009


We have seen a very large increase in people getting into poker over the last few years. How did a backroom, underworld type of activity, become a made for TV big business? Three distinct events seemed to have caused this explosion in poker. We will examine what these things were, as well as just what interests people about poker.

What are the things involved in poker that lures people into this entertaining game? There are a few things about playing poker that draw people to the game. Below are the things that explain why many of us have gotten into poker.

Poker has a strong psychological element, which people find very attractive. People get a kick out of attempting to control what the other players will do next. Hardly anything can top bluffing your opponent and taking down a big hand.

There is no other game that takes this much skill, but that luck can hurt you so bad. This makes poker a special game. Texas Holdem tournaments have become the “in thing”. Even big time celebrities, with little poker experience, show up to play. You don’t need any special physical gifts to be a great poker player, so anyone can try.

Why has poker become a game that gets regular TV coverage? Why did poker all of a sudden become a big business? The following three events were responsible. The pocket cam, the start of online poker rooms, and a surprise victory lead to this dynamic growth in poker.

We start with the invention of hole card camera This device allowed a TV audience, watching coverage of a poker event to see the player’s hidden cards, or “hole cards”, while the play was proceeding. This gave the audience a much better perspective on the play of the hand.

Following the hole card camera was poker on the web. Poker was now available right inside our homes, we could avoid going to a casino. We start to see an increase in the number of people that are playing poker.

Now, you have a lot of people watching poker on TV because the “hole card cam” era made the game very entertaining to watch. The pocket cam, and online play are combining to increase interest in poker. We have a growing industry, but then poker got lucky.

In 2003, with what was a huge field at that time of over 800 players, an unknown amateur beat all the pros, and won over 2.5 million dollars, at the WSOP Main Event. Millions of viewers saw what might be possible for even them. The end result of all these events was that the poker industry boomed.

We are now seeing celebrities showing up at the big poker events, where the poker stars are the super celebrities. Now, poker has become a big mainstream industry. With the rest of the world catching on, poker continues to grow.

These three events sent poker on this booming path. Just playing online poker you can play in a tournament with a minimum of $1 million at least once a week. There seems to be nothing to stop poker from growing at this point.

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