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May 8, 2009


We have all noticed the huge increase in poker activity of late. The success we are witnessing in all areas of the poker industry is quite unbelievable. This article will discuss why people like poker, and what has caused it to become so popular.

So, just what is the big deal about poker anyway? We get interested in participating in poker games because of a few different factors. The following are a sampling of the things that show why we like playing poker.

Part of playing poker is the head on struggles that players engage in, the head games that go on. This shows up in various forms, including how you make people feel at the table. Hardly anything can top bluffing your opponent and taking down a big hand.

Poker is a great mix of skill and gambling that people really enjoy. Texas Holdem tournaments have become the “in thing”. Even big time celebrities, with little poker experience, show up to play. You don’t need any special physical gifts to be a great poker player, so anyone can try.

What happened to make poker the popular activity it is today, from the behind the scenes activity it was? A sequence of three separate things helped poker boom. The little camera that sees the hole cards is the start, followed by poker played on the web, and the Moneymaker win in 2003, and poker takes off.

In the mid 1990’s an apparatus called the hole card cam is born. Now we know what the players have while we watch the hand play out. This gave the audience a much better perspective on the play of the hand.

The next thing that happened was online poker was born. People didn’t have to live near Las Vegas, or some other casino�s to play. You could play from anywhere you could get online. Online poker rooms started to grow as more people started playing online.

With pocket cam we started getting more and more people intrigued with poker through television. Add to that a larger player base, thanks to online poker including increased fields at the big tournaments. The next event was the one that sent the poker industry into the explosive growth that it still enjoys now.

Amateur player Chris Moneymaker out dueled a large field, and some tough pros in the last two tables, to win the 2003 World Championships of Poker. Enough people were watching, that this had a huge effect. This sequence of events resulted in a huge increase in poker popularity and activity.

Celebrities flock to big poker tournaments, where the poker pros are the big stars themselves now. The three events described have combined to create a huge industry that makes millions, no, billions of dollars each year. With the US being the primary market, as the rest of the world gets involved, poker will continue growing.

These three events sent poker on this booming path. The Internet poker rooms just keep adding players. Some sites are simply huge now. Growth is expected for years to come.

It is probable that you could untight some of the games butt then that’s what a bet is really about. Poker Stars Hacked Sitting aside from others is the third kind of games: betting and casino games. Nevertheless, bingo is the core magnetism, and the rationale numerous online competitors become obsessed with online gaming.

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