Powerball in Tennessee

June 26, 2009


Tenn Powerball lotteries are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is a typical State Lottery game, and you can purchase up to five draws on a single ticket, each costing only a dollar. The game does not follow a typical 6/49 format, and instead is a little closer to the multi State game Mega Millions. When filling out a Powerball ticket you’ll be required to choose five numbers that fall between 1 and 59, and then you’ll have to choose your Powerball, which you can pick between 1 and 39.


The Tennessee Powerball game gives you opportunities to maximize your chances for winning. First of all, you always have the option of selecting to play your numbers for more than one draw if you want to have a chance at winning during each upcoming draw. Second, you have the option of paying for a multiplier. This bonus costs an extra dollar per draw, but will multiply your winnings by the power play number on any prize other than the jackpot if you are lucky enough to be a winner!


When you check your Tennessee Powerball numbers, if you discover that you are a winner then it is very important that you immediately sign the back of your ticket. Because there are no real identifiers on a lottery ticket, it is important that you sign it so that it cannot be stolen from you at any time and allow someone else to make a claim on your prize. This is a very unfortunate occurrence that has happened in the past, so be sure to take that little action, because your signature alone will be enough to protect you from anyone else being able to claim your winnings in your place.


There are a number of different prizes that you can win when you play the Powerball game. If you manage to match all five numbers along with the Powerball, you can be sure that your life will change forever, because you will be the recipient of a multimillion dollar jackpot. However, there are great prizes for matching a lesser amount of numbers all the way down to just matching the Powerball alone, which will win you three dollars, certainly enough to let you go out and buy that next lottery ticket to try again for the jackpot. There are still substantial prizes under the jackpot though, with five numbers without the Powerball netting you a prize of $200,000.


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