Professional Auto Racing Legend, Richard Petty, Keeps Recordbreakers at Bay

July 24, 2009


Because of the intense popularity of the sport of NASCAR across the entire United States, it should come as no surprise that interest in Richard Petty Trivia is always high, because Petty is one of the most dynamic and recognizable icons the sport has ever had. Would you know the following facts in a Richard Petty Quiz?


Did you know that Petty is now 72 years old, having been born on July 2, 1937? While you might know that he is nicknamed “The King”, did you know how well he earned that title? He has won the NASCAR Championship more times than any other driver in the history of the sport (although Dale Earnhardt has tied him) and has also won the Daytona 500 more times than anyone else at seven.  Ten consecutive wins in a single season, more than 200 total career wins, and 27 races won in a single season are all outstanding records that made sure that Richard Lee Petty will forever be known as the king of his sport.


Richard Petty Trivia will also usually reference the three crashes that he is very lucky to have survived. In 1970, 1980, and 1988 Petty was involved in potentially fatal accidents that he luckily escaped from. The crash in 1970 prompted Petty to design the net, which is used to cover the driver’s side window in NASCAR vehicles and which the league has since began to require on all cars. During the two earlier crashes, Petty experienced injuries; the most serious being in 1980 when he had serious neck trauma. The crash in 1988 was widely considered to be the most spectacular, with the car flipping several times, and yet the injuries to the driver were the most minimal on this crash, partly due to the increase of safety technology which had taken place over the years in between the various crashes Petty was a part of.


Petty drove many different cars over his career, including a Plymouth, a Ford, a Plymouth Superbird, a Dodge Magnum, a Chevy Monte Carlo, a Buick Regal, and a Pontiac Grand Prix, among others. He is probably most famously associated with the Plymouth brand, although he did spend many years racing a variety of different cars due to both his personal preference and internal politics between his race teams and manufacturers.


One other interesting fact about Richard Petty is that he has always been known as being among the most personable of all sports celebrities and is extremely famous for always making time for his fans; signing at some of the longest autograph sessions the sport has known.

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