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May 10, 2009


There has been an incredible jump in poker activity over the last decade. Just how did poker turn into a large, mainstream industry? We can point to a trio of things that led to the huge growth. Let’s look back at what went on, and why people have an interest in poker to begin with.

What are the things involved in poker that lures people into this entertaining game? There are a few things about playing poker that draw people to the game. In the next couple of paragraphs we will outline the reasons people like poker.

There is an element of poker that is very personal between two opponents, the psychological battle. Discovering how to get people to decide in your favor is what this is all about. Then there is the fun of trickery, and also of figuring out what your opponent is holding.

In poker, even though there is a gambling sense, you are in actions have a great influence on the results. People like this. Playing in tournaments is less intimidating to many players, and these have become very popular. Poker is a game we all can become very good at, if we are willing to work at it.

Poker has really taken of in popularity. Why did this happen? You can look back and identify 3 key events that resulted in poker becoming a mainstream activity. A man invents a way to see a player’s hole cards, the Internet finds poker, and an unknown wins the biggest poker tournament in the world. These are the three things that lead to the poker boom.

The first change that happened to poker was when a poker player-inventor came up with a device that is now known as a hole card cam. The invention made it so that people watching a televised poker event would be abele to see what the players down cards are. Now you felt like you were playing right along with the players, this made watching on TV much more exciting.

The pocket cam was quickly followed by the start of online poker. Poker was now available right inside our homes, we could avoid going to a casino. This new format for playing poker slowly started to increase the player base.

The �“pocket cam”  was the key to creating a desirable television product. Couple that with the fact that are a lot more players getting involved in poker. What happens next was a surprise that had an explosive effect.

Chris Moneymaker now wins the WSOP Main Event in 2003. Winning over 2 million dollars. Enough people were watching, that this had a huge effect. As a result, poker simply exploded in popularity.

Top poker players are big time stars these days. The explosion in poker’s popularityhas been dramatic since Moneymaker�s incredible run. With the rest of the world catching on, poker continues to grow.

It seems clear that these were the three key events that started the poker boom. The web bases poker rooms are making big money providing a virtual playing area for millions of players around the world. It seems pretty obvious now, that poker is here to stay.

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