Put a Stop to The Insidious Disease Called Gum Disease!

August 4, 2009


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Gum disease is not thought about until you experience signs. We’re trained from an early age to brush. After that, we don’t think about our mouth again, even when eating or talking. Additional care is needed to prevent hidden bacteria from attacking the gums and teeth. At that point periodontal disease is present.

To prevent gum disease, you need to take easy steps for successful oral hygiene. The most common is regular dental visits for routine exams and cleanings. During exams you teeth will be cleaned and any plaque build up will be scraped away. Usually, you won’t recognize plaque build up when brushing. If the plaque is not removed during normal cleanings, it could turn into a harder buildup known as tarter. This is harder to remove, and a professional will need to be consulted.

When you notice your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, your gums are slightly swelling or you have an increase of bad breath that is the early stage, medically termed as periodontitis. To avoid this it is necessary to exercise good oral hygiene. Without attending to these signs, the problem will progress causing it to affect the tissues and bones. The teeth and bones will degenerate resulting in a loss. You can prevent this from happening early on.

To insure you’re doing everything you possible to ward off gum disease don’t, miss your regularly scheduled visits to your dentist, every six months. Always brush your teeth after you eat and after daily treats. Along with brushing, you should also get into the habit of flossing regularly. If you happen to notice warning signs, a quick visit to your dentist will help fight the progressive stages. If caught soon enough prevention measures can be taken.

If you’ve already noticed signs, you may be experiencing an unsettling feeling right now. Remember, gum disease can be treated.

Take steps to stop the progression by visiting a professional. Keep brushing and flossing. You’ll be on your way to restoring sparkling teeth and healthy gums.

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