Racing and Poker, or Racy Poker?

June 13, 2009


            Poker has quickly become one of the biggest crazes in the country. Poker has enjoyed a slow and steady growth over the last several decades, but it was the invention of the miniature camera technology which allowed television stations to broadcast players’ hole cards while playing Texas Hold’em that turned this old Casino standby into a television sensation. Now, people are flocking to facilities in whatever city they are in, such as the Viejas Casino in San Diego, to get their chance to play poker for themselves.


            Poker is one of those classic games which is easy to learn, but can take a lifetime to master. There are two types of poker that most people are familiar with. Draw poker is the game that most people learn growing up, where you are dealt five cards and then given an option to discard and receive more. This is also the game usually played in video poker games. The poker game that has become increasingly popular due to televised events and online gaming is Texas Hold’em. This game consists of each play receiving two hidden or “hole” cards, and five communal cards dealt face up on the table.


            Some people remember a third poker game, usually played with draw rules for the cards, but with slightly different stakes. Of course, this is a game most people played in college at one point in time or another, where the wager was the clothes of your opponent vs. your own, instead of putting money on the line. Of course, we’re talking about strip poker, and if you enjoy this racy game, then you’re lucky, because along with the surge of online gambling has come some video strip poker online for people to enjoy.


            One company has put out a popular game known as Video Strip Poker Supreme, a classic strip poker game that feature a high level of interactivity with your opponents. As well, the game features both male and female opponents, depending on your preference, and has several additional opponent packs for you to download once you’ve played through the ones that come with your initial purchase of the game. So, if you’d rather leave the casinos for other people and would be happier to play a fun game of video strip poker to remind you of your wilder days instead, you should look into the various video strip poker games that are available online today.


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