Radio Control Cars and Aircraft

June 17, 2009


RC Off Road Monster Truck

Radio control is such a great hobby. I first got into radio control when, at the age of 10, a generous uncle bought me a model aircraft for my birthday. It was a scale model of a First World War biplane with a little engine that ran on what I think was methylated spirit. Today RC cars and aircraft are much more sophisticated, but still great fun and very educational.

Today I am lucky enough to own several excellent RC cars and a couple of high performance model aircraft. I have dabbled with RC boats but I still tend to favour model aircraft and cars.

If you are thinking about buying a radion control model its worth taking a few moments to consider exactly what you’ll be spending your money on. Radio control cars tend to fall into two categories:  those that are powered by an electric motor and those powered by a little engine that uses a Nitro Methanol fuel mix. 

Like many RC car enthusiasts I  my favoured RC cars are those powered by proper little engines. The hobby, for me, is not just about racing around a track. Optimising your RC car is much like formula one racing, its all about the engineering, the tuning and tweaking to get the best performance. 

Getting into RC cars at an early age can be very educational. My personal interest in radio control led to my career in electronics, all because I had to build and maintain my own radio control equipment. If you are looking for a toy that is both fun and educational I strongly recommend you consider a neat little radio control car.

For a very first RC car I recommend you select an electric model. Firstly the price. Electric-powered radio control cars are much cheaper than their Nitro powered equivalents. Secondly simplicity. Electrically powered cars are the simplest. There are an incredible selection of electric RC cars to choose from so you’re bound to find a model that inspires your imagination. My personal favourite are fat-wheeled off-road models. Great fun on some rough terrain, bouncing over sand dunes and through muddy puddles.

But I started out with a radio control model aircraft. I can still recall the thrill of taking the controls for the first time. Making the plane swoop toward the ground and then climb almost to the limit of the radio range. 

As for rc cars, these days there is a great selection of model aircraft to choose from with a range of price tags. For a small amount of money you can get yourself a little RC aircraft that can be launched from the palm of your hand, great fun in the office or home. For a little more cash you can get yourself an easy-to-control model aircraft that will give you many hours of fun.

Some of todays model aircraft come with sophisticated technology that can detect the ground and the sky helping to prevent a costly crash. There are even some truly magnificent scale models of well known aircraft including the Spitfire and Focke Wulf.

Radio control is a great hobby that provides interest, excitement, fun and competition. If you are interested in getting into radio control I suggest that you don’t spend too much to start with.

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