Reasons you may consider a marriage therapist

October 3, 2009


One of the things we are good at is denial.  Whenever we have problems we, as humans, love to deny it exists.We deny it to the point of putting ourselves in harm’s way.  One of those things that is so common for denial is the need for marriage therapy.  Maybe it is because marriage is so private.  But it is also important.So if problems do really exist in the relationship then denying it would only make it worse. Here are few reason why one needs to consult and go seek help in marriage counseling.

As a San Diego marriage counselor denial is so common.But once a couple realizes that they do have problems in their relationship then they can start solving it. Counseling has enabled them to save their marriage a lot of times.  And that is reason number one for marriage therapy. If you want to save your marriage, counseling can only help. Not seeking help is a recipe for disaster.

Another reason to seek help are your kids.  If there are kids involved, counseling is a must.  Relationship problems don’t just affect the couples. It can also affect the children in the family.So if you really care for your children then go and seek help so you can stop affecting them with your relationship problems.  Doing San Diego marriage counseling has allowed me to see how much relationship problems affect the children.Don’t let your problems as a couple affect your children’s well being.

Last thing would be the love that you have for each other.Married couples are not the only ones qualified for this.  It could also be for couples seeking to maybe get into marriage.If there was love before seeking couples therapy can be of big help in bringing that love back.  My couples therapy San Diego service has saved many relationships that went onto marriage.  But it could only save those that were willing to seek help.

So if your desire is to save your relationship don’t deny the need for help.It might be the only way for you and your spouse to reconcile.It can put your life in the right track again.

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