Regional Casinos Find No Competition with Vegas

May 27, 2009



There are wonderful casinos all over the country from L.A. to New York but the ones you never hear about just may be the ones you would enjoy the most. The three following locations may seem random but as you will discover, they are hidden treasures for any casino lover. You will love the environment these locations present as well as the overriding feeling you get from being in a casino that feels like Vegas without actually being there. These locations do just that!


Casinos in Oklahoma are exciting and full of electronic video gaming machines that are designed especially to give the look and feel of real slot machines. Since the gambling age is 18, you can be assured that your time spent in an Oklahoma casino will be distraction free and relaxing. Many of the casinos also feature bars, restaurants and accommodation near or in the casino. This location is willing to cater to your special needs if you give notice ahead. Plan parties or have an intimate weekend; just remember to enjoy every minute of it!


You will find excellent quality at the casinos in Washington State. You can find anything from bingo games, to table games and Vegas style slot machines. From Bellingham to Seattle, casinos in Washington are all catered toward adult entertainment and all 20 of the casinos will give you a memorable, enjoyable experience. The Washington casinos also focus on the adult-only type of environment that will calm and relax even the most stressed of business persons.


There is no better place in the country for regional casinos than the great state of California. There are literally hundreds of casinos and all of them are exciting, adult driven and luxurious! Casinos in San Diego boast of sunny beaches and beautiful landscape so there is nothing better than to top that off with great casinos! Imagine a day at the beach: perfect waves, friends and family enjoying time together and cold drinks all around. What better to fulfill the day than a night at the casino?


These three locations come highly recommended by many people who visit them. Check them out and you will be glad you planned your vacation in these excellent locations. Whether you want to “live it up” with a group of friends, spend spring break from college doing something different or have a retirement party with colleagues old and new, casinos are an excellent way to celebrate life. Celebrate the right way and enjoy your vacation!



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