Remember Back Then?

May 31, 2009


When I was a little boy, I’d spend a lot of time playing with my friends, playing football, or just running around having fun. I used to love the feeling of freedom that I had back then, without any worries but the time I was supposed to be back home. However, as I grew older, I seemed to be the only one playing outside, as all my friends were inside.

I started wondering why no one wants to play with me anymore, and I decided to go visit some of my friends, and see what they were doing all day long. I found some of them just watching TV, saying they’re too old to be playing outside, while others were playing video games. When I asked one of my friends if he wants to play football with me, he just told me his CD is too scratched to play.

I had to complain to someone, and my parents had to endure it, until they told me they would get me something new to play with. I told them I wanted a bike, so I wouldn’t be bored alone, outside, but they told me I was too young. They also told me they had found something better, and to be patient.

A couple of days later, a big box was delivered to our house, and the big, red words Razor E300 Electric Scooter  made me jump up and down with joy. After my dad assembled it, with me helping him, and after charging it, I decided to take it out for a spin. I was so happy with my new scooter that I told all my friends what I had received.

Since they all liked it, and there were too many of us for just one scooter, and I was afraid someone might break mine, I told them to get their parents to buy them one too. In a couple of weeks, the entire neighborhood was back to the way I remembered it, with all of us outside, having a lot of fun with our new scooters.

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