Review: Polar vs. Garmin Heart Monitors

November 7, 2009


The article which follows is a direct comparison of the Garmin FR60 monitor and the Polar F6 heart rate monitor. Each is made by top manufacturers in the field.  The Polar F6 heart rate monitor is very versatile that functions best when the consumer is near a group of other people who are also working out.  The Polar F6 possesses special technology which cancels out signals that are not desired or cross-talk from other heart monitors and wireless gadgets. This is merely one of several creative functions offered by the Polar F6.  The Polar F6 is designed to assist users in attaining their weight loss and workout goals.

More Polar F6 Features

Additionally, the F6 Polar Heart Rate Monitor includes unique features like the Polar ZonePointer that displays target heart zones where your heart rate must be. This is attained with visual and audio functions included in the watch. Additionally, it possesses the OwnCode and Polar OwnCal features. The OwnCal function displays energy and calories expenditure rating during single or several periods of exercise or workout routines.

The Polar OwnCode feature is that wonderful one that blocks out unwanted signals from other wireless devices. The Polar F6 monitors heart rate and also gives a display of exercise duration or time. It also comes with a 24 hour time and date display, large and easy to read display screen and a one year battery life average. The other great thing about this Polar Heart Rate Monitor is that it is water resistant to a depth of thirty meters or a hundred feet.

Review: Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Garmin FR60 heart monitor watch is the latest in Garmin’s monitors for the heart rate industry. This monitor is poised to carry the legacy of other great Garmin monitors such as the Forerunner 305 and 405. Included with this monitor is the all new ANT stick USB technology and instruction manual. It is a versatile monitor that can be used over a wide range of sporting disciplines such as running and cross training, cycling and other fitness activities such as weigh lifting. The ANT+ Technology wirelessly connects the Garmin FR60 to other devices for optimum performance. For instance, it connects to a speed and cadence sensor and transfers the data to a PC for training data to be analyzed.

Some other features worth mentioning: one year battery life, the software, the water resistance and the lap history tracker. The two heart rate monitor watches (Polar F6 and Garmin FR60) are basically even when it comes to features and functions. But the Polar F6 is a popular favorite because it has been are around for a couple of years. One day though, the Garmin FR60 is sure to get recognized as a versatile monitor too.

Check here for a more comprehensive review on the Polar F6 and Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitors.

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