Saving Money on a Hot Tub for Your Home

October 16, 2009


Nothing is as relaxing and soothing as soaking in a comfortable used hot tub.  It’s tranquil, it lets your muscles unwind and spread out fatigue toxins for processing.  It’s got the healing properties of hydrotherapy, and it’s just a nice way to pamper yourself. 

Many people buy hot tubs with the best intentions and then find that they do not need them.  Like pool tables and other large purchases that may seem like a good idea at the time, they are often used a few times and the people who buy them get bored with them. Or their needs change. In some cases, people may move to an area where they cannot have the hot tub any longer.   Either way, their loss is usually your gain as you can often get a better deal on used hot tubs than you can on new tubs.

Buying a used hot tub can save you a lot of money; you’ll end up having to replace the filters, and a few other things, like the heater element.    There are some other issues you’ll want to consider as well – like getting the hot tub to its new home.  Fortunately, most standard hot tubs can be disassembled, moved and reinstalled with a minimal amount of work.  Two people can usually do it as a weekend project, and the parts will fit in the back of a pickup truck for most hot tubs.  Inflatable hot tubs can be even simpler to transport. 

Transporting the hot tub: If the tub is a standard hot tub that has been installed in a home, it has to be disassembled and then installed at your home. You will have to take this into account when you are looking for used hot tubs. In the case of an inflatable hot tub, you do not have this problem. You can simply make the purchase and also purchase the supplies that went along with the hot tub. 

Especially if you’re buying a used hot tub, take the time to properly sanitize it. It may have been sitting out in the open for a while, and probably needs the bacterial cultures cleared out.  There are lots of enzymatic cleaning kits out there.  Find the one recommended by the hot tub manufacturer and follow the instructions carefully. 

When getting a used hot tub, look for ones that are broken in some way – a lot of home owners will sell a used hot tub at a steep discount if the heating element is broken.  These can be had for cheap as used hot tubs go, and if you’re handy with tools, they’re easy enough to fix.  Most heating elements for hot tubs are meant to be pulled and replaced quickly. One thing you won’t get with a used hot tub is any kind of warranty.  Keep that in mind – if there’s something you can’t fix, it may cost more to fix it professionally than you paid for the tub in the first place.  Even so, a little bit of due diligence can minimize that risk.

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