Secrets of a successful athlete

October 13, 2009


One of the things that is incredible to watch are great athletes.  The things that they could do physically seem impossible at times.But what is true is that some of those popular athletes are just as physically gifted as the other players who are not that popular.What sets them apart is that they are more mentally strong.  What most people don’t realize is that people succeed or fail based upon how strong their mindset is.

Let’s look at some examples.  As a family counselor San Diego I see it all the time with student athletes.You encounter kids are really physically gifted.But a lot of times they do not achieve success because their mental toughness hinders them.We hear it all the time in pro sports.You watch a lot of athletes who fail to bring their A-game and win it all.Even if they are considered as the best.  When it comes time to win the big one, they can’t do it mentally.The ones who succeed are the ones who are both mentally and physically tough.

That is why as a sports psychologist San Diego I have so many clients come in who need a breakthrough.They are physically superior but still do not succeed.  Most of the time it is in their mind.That is the time when my service can help athletes like them who have problems.  Because a lot of times it is a mental block they need to beat.Once they have hurdled that then they can be successful.

Anger is another problem that I see in young athletes that can hinder their success.  If an athlete is unable to control their emotions they can’t win consistently.  Doing anger management San Diego has allowed me to turn athletes around who were letting anger get the best of them.But if they just find some help mentally then that just might be the key for their success.

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