Several Basic Things that You Have to Prepare in Snorkelling

May 7, 2009


Snorkelling term is relating with everything about water activity, where people do a snorkel by wearing a mask and some fins as the devices in enjoying the ocean sight. An individual can do two things all together, taking a breath and viewing the ocean under him by wearing a face mask. In this case, snorkelling is educational and also interesting.  

Finding the Fit Gear

Before snorkelling, be sure that the equipment is truly proper for you, so you will be safe in heading the water. That is the primary prerequisite. The too tight gear will influence your pleasure and the too loose will allow the water entering your mask. Then, you should do the same thing to fins to ensure that your effort to drive yourself in snorkelling will not be wasted. Your snorkel have to suitable with your face mask. The good positioning snorkel will prevent the water go into it when you float in the surface.

Up and Down

Snorkelling can be practiced not only on water surface. You can do more if you dive underwater for a relatively short time to view things closely. Snorkel to a certain  depth, in other case, will entail you to take the breath of air through the snorkel. Then you must point your head downwards to where you wish to descend.

Further about snorkelling, you should keep in mind this essential advice. The water will get into the snorkel, so keep in mind that you should not breathe in through it. Snorkelling upwards can be as easy as tilting your head upwards to the surface. When you arrive at the surface, blow the air through your snorkel to clear the accumulated water out of it. Therefore, snorkelling can be continued when there is no more water in the snorkel.

Doing improper actions under water will make you run out of air, since it can use up a lot of supply of air. It will be more acceptable to do the slow or calm movements in snorkelling underwater. So, it will not cause the marine creature you expect to see become scare away. Relaxed movements also ensure that you glide slowly through the water surface. You will be able to see more things compared to a faster speed. 

Snorkelling Risks

Snorkelling can very dangerous if you do not consider to the safety.  Be careful when you do manoeuvre around the coral, because you can be harmed by its sharp edge. The aquatic  creature even will consider as a threat, so finally they will hit you. Further about snorkelling, it will be important for you to keep the distance from some fishes whose teeth can even cut coral. As a result, they also have ability to cut your body.

Does that answer your question? For further explanation about snorkelling you can find the complete guide here!

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