Sleep in Comfort with the Right Bag

July 31, 2009


Camping has become increasingly popular in recent years as many parents take their children for weekend breaks in the countryside. Camping in the United Kingdom is plagued with risk. While there is very little risk of encounteruing Bears or poisonous Snakes there is every chance you will encounter some uncertain British weather.

But, as long as yiou have the right camping equipment you and your family can have a lot of fun, regardless of the weather. One of the most important pieces of camping kit has got to be your sleeping bags.

There are an incredible range of sleeping bags to choose from these days, some costing only a few pounds but others that can cost a lot of money. So how can you select the right bags for you and your family?

Probably the first consideration is the time of year that you will be using your sleeping bag and where you will be camping. If you only expect to be camping during the hopefully warmer summer months then you will not need expensive, arctic quality sleeping bags.

Another consideration is packing. Will you be hiking with your sleeping bag in a backpack or will it never need to be crammed into a small pack? Size and weight will be important factors to bear in mind if you will be carrying your sleeping back in a backpack.

Its also worth considering who the sleeping bag is for, how big they are and what their comfort requirements might be. Some people (including my own partner) are never comfortable sleeping within the confines of a sleeping bag and lots of children prefer to have child size bags.

Finally there is probably the most important aspect to consider which is, of course, the price. Sleeping bags, both down and synthetic fibre filled, can vary in price enormously. Down filled bags tend to be the most expensive and most suitable for winter and all year round use.

The most affordable option is likely to be a polyester filled bag that is suitable for the hopefully warmer summer months. But don’t overlook the need for a good sleeping matt or maybe an airbed if you want the additional comfort.

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