Some Ping-Pong History to Get You through Your Day

May 17, 2009


Quite a bit like real tennis, the game of table tennis uses pretty much the same basic rules as its larger brother. If you like to watch a lot of sports on television, and are too dim to the sports channel often, chances are you have watched a game of table tennis or two.

Unlike the full version game of tennis, table tennis, or what is commonly known as ping-pong, is played on a wooden table that is normally green in color, but occasionally blue. Instead of using full-size tennis rackets to play the game, small paddles with surfaces made out of rubber are used to bat a small plastic ball back and forth across the table just like tennis.

Over the years table tennis is becoming increasingly more and more popular. This is because the game is very easy to learn how to play,  it is very fun, and it doesn’t take very much room to hold a table. The fact is that most garages have enough room to set up a ping-pong table, which makes a real plus for home use.

Simply having a ping-pong table and some paddles is enough to play the game, you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of fancy and expensive equipment to play. You only need to fork over a little bit of cost for a table, but when you think about the price of playing other sports you will see that it isn’t that great. After the table, all you need is paddle and balls and some friends to play.

Table Tennis History

It was in the late 1880s that table tennis first started. It began by some affluent Victorians from England who were looking for something that they could play inside. After watching game of tennis, these affluent Englanders then utilized a table, some cigarette box lids for paddles, and a cork for a ball.

As soon as the 1900s hit, the game was growing in popularity, and they were soon manufacturers of table tennis tables making really large improvements on the original table design, and started making them for sale. The tables weren’t the only things that showed improvements as they improve the paddles and balls as well. The paddles were integrated with rubber faces so it would slow the game down some and they started making the balls out of a material that gave them a rounder shape and allowed them to bounce better.

As the game became increasingly more popular, and the commerciality of it grew, more and more people were able to play and enjoy the game. The year 1902 was the start of the table tennis tournament era. This year the first official tournament was played and by the year 1921 the Table Tennis Association was formed in England. It wasn’t but a short 10 years later that the first ever world championship table tennistournament was played in England as well.

Over the years, the game has developed a life of it’s own and become a phenomenon that the whole world loves. Many homes throughout the world love the accessibility of having a table in their own home. All of this adds up to a lot of fun time with friends and family and a good reason to get together and fellowship.


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