Spoil Yourself at Borgata Hotel and Casino

June 4, 2009


 The Borgata Hotel and Casino is a recently built hotel and casino in Atlanta city. It is located at the Marina district, bringing a sense of class. The hotel offers a range of services to its guests, from spa services, entertainment and restaurants, to luxurious accommodation for guests; Borgata ensures that everyone is more than satisfied.  If you are looking for a place to get away, whether you are alone or with your family or friends, the Borgata Hotel is definitely the place for you.  

The Borgata Hotel Atlantic City is well decorated in a contemporary way, giving the guests a little sampling of the European way of life. The hotel’s architecture is pleasing, with every floor featuring a square foot suite measuring 1500 square feet. The suites contain a dining room, a living room, and other amenities of class for guests. They also offer several room packages, including the “Suite Indulgence Package”, the “Wake-Up Smiling Package”, as well as a “Rejuvenation Package” among others. The room rates are extremely reasonable, considering the luxury that comes with it. Besides being able to enjoy a clear view of the beautiful bay, your stay includes being able to walk right from the hotel to the exciting casino floor, phenomenal restaurants and fabulous entertainment.   

The Borgata’s entertainment performs in the 1,000-seat Music Box Theatre. There is also a 2,100 guest event center for gatherings and other meetings which is absolutely perfect for business meetings, conferences or even appreciation parties.  

The Borgata Hotel and Casino has a whopping eleven restaurants. Among the restaurants is a Latin Asian themed restaurant, which during the night becomes a night club. They also have a specialty Tequila bar, so make a point of visiting it and get the chance to sip over fifteen different types of this potent liquor.  

The Borgata Casino has a wide gaming area that features all kinds of exciting games. They offer different types of poker; including novelty games and reel games. There are also different poker tournaments, like the daily tournament, the specialty weekend tournament and the World Poker Tour Tournament, which the hotel hosts. Guests are invited to watch the biggest names in poker play during the tournament. Guests who participate in the tournament have the advantage of playing with experienced poker players in an atmosphere full of fun.  

 The hotel is also an excellent place to relax during winter. Its rates are reasonable and can range from $399 to $500 if you prefer a suite. You can also relax at the hotel’s spa or salon. So fear not, Borgata always has something to please you!  

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