Spray On Tans Without Orange Streaks

November 8, 2009


California spray tan is one very popular product in an extensive line of cosmetic items that aim at improving the skin look by tanning. The main quality of this product resides in the combination of tanning agents and skin treatment ingrediens that keep the tissues moist and prevent cellular decay. Prior to the application of California spray tan several steps need to be followed in order to achive a great cosmetic effect. The skin should be exfoliated with a scrub, but no hydrating cream should be used afterwards. Then apply the tan, and do not forget the possibility of using an after tan treatment that maintains the skin look for a longer period of time.


California spray tan is one of many other sprays and lotions designed for home and machine use as well. The manufacturer’s mandate is to insure a good skin condition by supporting the dermis through every stage of the tanning process. Tanning accelerators, accessories and a complete range of equipment are widely available too. Items such as the accelerators trigger a faster browning of the skin, while tan extenders make the color last longer.  Psychic Review / Best Psychic.



It only takes ten seconds for a full body spray with the California spray tan machine. The body gets dried of the little moisture remaining on the skin, but the entire process does not take more than a minute. This automatic spray booth relying on the atomising technology represents the best California spray tan solution for a uniform, nearly perfect look. The tiny particles of California spray tan get attached to the body, the way magnets are attracted by a magnetic field, which means that the coverage will be almost 100% without any need of spraying a second time.  Psychic Review / Best Psychic.


As for the color, the quality of the ingredients used in the California tan spray solution makes the look very natural. There is no chance of getting the orange, un-natural glow of the skin thanks to the caramel natural colorants. The tan develops in no more than two hours and it will wear off in about ten days. California spray tan is alcohol free, and therefore skin dryness or irritation are not a problem. California spray tan can be purchased from regular retail shops, as well as in cosmetic salons or online stores.  Psychic Review / Best Psychic.

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