Start With These Exercises To Jump Higher

November 4, 2009


So you want to know some good vertical jumping exercises? Since there are several, we’ll help you narrow down the list a little. There are a few in particular that can improve your capability and help you learn how to jump higher. These will give you a good foundation to start from. You must ensure that you follow them closely. You can perform the right exercises, but if you don’t do them in the proper manner, you won’t get the results you wish for. Start with the exercises we outline below and you will possess a good groundwork for improving you vertical leap.

Numerous people mistakenly believe that it is only the leg muscles that need to be developed to improve your vertical jump. The muscles in the back and waist are also especially important. Many of the back muscles are heavily involved and require strengthening as well. Vertical jumping exercises should include working on this area. So let’s get started with our first exercise.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are great. Remembering to try to keep you back as vertical as possible, bend your knees and reach down and grab the barbell. Come to an erect position while holding the bar. Slowly lower the weight back down. Perform three sets of 6-8 repetitions. To avoid injury, do not yank the bar, but carry out the exercise quickly and steadily. {Take a rest.|Take a brief rest after these first 3 sets.} Then do the next set, but this time take your time and sense the full range of your muscles.

Leg Presses

Another good exercise is leg presses. Pick a weight on the leg press machine that is near the upper end of your range, but not the maximum you can lift. Put your feet about shoulder breadth apart. Let the weight to come down as far as you can and then, pretending like you are jumping, thrust the weight back up rapidly. You don’t jump in slow motion, so you don’t want to exercise in slow motion. Your muscles perform explosively when you are jumping, so you have to train them that way in your exercises as well. Repeat this exercise six times – and execute five sets. Take a brief pause between each set.

Medicine Ball

For our very last exercise we will utilize a medicine ball instead of a basketball. Acting like you are trying to dunk the ball, jump with the medicine ball toward the rim. Make sure to extend your reach and try to get the ball as high as you are able to. This will help strengthen all the muscles you will be using when you slam dunk for real. As with the leg presses, make sure to be explosive when you carry out this exercise.

While these are only three exercises, they can be a good beginning to improving your vertical jump. Begin with these and when you can do them well, you can proceed to other exercises. Keep in mind that correct form is just as critical as the weight and the quantity of reps.

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