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May 6, 2009


The poker industry has seen a robust improvement in players participating, and people watching on TV. What has happened to poker industry is truly remarkable. Three distinct events seemed to have caused this explosion in poker. We will examine what these things were, as well as just what interests people about poker.

Okay then, what is it about the game of poker, and in particular Texas Holdem? People enjoy playing or watching poker for several reasons. The following are a sampling of the things that show why we like playing poker.

One aspect of the game is the mental battles between the players, the mind game wars. Discovering how to get people to decide in your favor is what this is all about. You will get lots of satisfaction when you call a big bet and win, or when you correctly fold when your hand is beat.

The blend of skill and chance is unique to a game like poker. Playing in tournaments is less intimidating to many players, and these have become very popular. The subtle variations of the game keep people coming back for more.

Poker has really taken of in popularity. Why did this happen? What could have happened that changed the status of poker? You can point to three events specifically. A man invents a way to see a player’s hole cards, the Internet finds poker, and an unknown wins the biggest poker tournament in the world. These are the three things that lead to the poker boom.

A device called pocket cam, or hole card cam, started the trend. This new invention gave us a look at what the players have in their hands while play was going on. The pocket cam let�s the audience have a better view of the action.

Then people got the idea for poker on the Internet. People didn’t have to live near Las Vegas, or some other casino�s to play. You could play from anywhere you could get online. The convenience and low buy in games have dramatically affected the poker player base.

The �“pocket cam”  was the key to creating a desirable television product. Add to that a larger player base, thanks to online poker including increased fields at the big tournaments. The third event in this sequence triggered a rapid growth for the build up that had already started.

In the year 2003, an amateur player (Chris Moneymaker), beat out all the pros to take down the WSOP championship event, winning $2,500,000. With lots of TV viewers coming from the improved coverage, and the Internet player base, people saw what was possible. With people seeing that anyone can win millions at a poker tournament, poker boomed.

From Hollywood stars to former athletes, everyone seems to be getting into poker now. The three events described have combined to create a huge industry that makes millions, no, billions of dollars each year. The online poker industry is simply a monster, and showing no signs of slowing down.

It seems clear that these were the three key events that started the poker boom. Online poker rooms like Poker Stars, and Party Poker have had huge success, and generate enormous income. It is hard to see when this poker boom will slow down.

You can find free online games that suit you, whether you desire to play with your companion or alone. Free Roulette System The first belmont stakes was run in 1867 at jerome park racetrack in the bronx. This is typically the case with new texas hold’em spaces that desire to allure numerous new competitors quick.

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